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27 February ,2024

To:Champak Distributors and Customers  

Temporary Stop Sale of NIOSH-Approved Respirators

Champak Enterprise Co., Ltd (Champak) has always strived to uphold stringent and rigorous production standards in its manufacture of NIOSH-approved respirators.

Recently, NIOSH has requested for an analysis to be made on the quality management system, in particular what has been utilized at the Singapore manufacturing site producing respirator models AP520M, AP520L, AP520VM, AP520VL, AP521VM, AP521VL, AP522VL. As our commitment to industry compliance and customer satisfaction, we have volunteered to issue a temporary stop sale of all NIOSH-approved respirators until we have addressed NIOSH's concerns.

We regret any inconvenience caused by this stop sale notice and will endeavour to work closely with NIOSH to clear up the matter and follow-up with any actions required, so as to resume our sales as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully
Lin, Jing-JyrGeneral ManagerChampak Enterprise Co., Ltd.

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